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Allstar Heating & Air Conditioning in Buellton, CA. provides quality heating and air conditioning services to both commercial and residential clients. Started by Harry Poor, he and his “team”, as he calls his company, Allstar Heating, has been in business for over 20 years and serves the Santa Ynez Valley, Lompoc, Santa Maria, and Santa Barbara areas. The company installs and services heating and cooling systems, big and small, for a variety of commercial and residential clients.


Earlier this year Allstar Heating installed Navman navigation and messaging units in five of its service vehicles. The company had never used any type of GPS tracking unit before, but had been talking about it for several years.


The five new units have been in place now for less than two months, “They are just wonderful,” said Allstar Heating Service Manager Lisa Schrader. ”We use them every day. The guys really like the navigation feature that helps them get to their jobs, and it makes them more efficient and productive by giving them the help they need in finding all those little ranches and other places way out in the hills up here. Plus we like the advantage of being able to message back and forth. It’s a wonderful tool for us here in the office and our techs out in the field.”


The system’s biggest direct cost-savings to the company so far is in its ability to accurately track idle time in real time. “The first week we had the system on our vehicles, our idle time ran over 20 hours. By the second week, idle time was under 20 minutes a week, and it has remained that way,” Lisa reports.


“As far as our service calls are concerned, productivity has gone up substantially because the service technicians are more efficient with their time, so we’ve been able to get to more service calls than ever before,” Lisa says.


“The Navman system is so easy to understand and user friendly.” Lisa said. “Al (Trevisan, of Escondido-based A&D Technology) was just great. He showed us an online demo right away and walked Cindy (Maccianti, the company controller) and me through the process and we were good to go.”





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