B&B Appliance Improves Efficiency


B&B Appliance Sees Efficiency Improved with its new GPS System

B&B appliance, 1743 South Escondido Boulevard, Escondido, CAlifornia, has equipped seven of its service vehicles with a global positioning system supplied by Escondido based A&D Technology, Inc. The store services inland North County with a wide variety of appliances including washer and dryers, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers,microwaves, ovens and range hoods.

Bill Villeroy, who owns B&B Appliance with his wife, Melody, reports that the system, now in only its second month or service, has already proven its worth. "We previously had little gps units in our vehicles, but they did not give us the ability to track where our drivers were. Now with the new system I can track them regularly and accurately. "The messaging feature on all our gps units eliminates the excuse of 'I never got the message' which was always possible when we relied on cell phones.

 Bill says, "It also gives us up to the minute reporting on where our vehicles and drivers are at any given moment. I have to admit that the "big Brother" aspect keeps everyone honest."

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