Coastal Demo

Coastal Demo Pleased With Its

Ten Navman GPS Units


According to Coastal Demo’s Dianna Minor, the company’s ten Navman GPS units with navigation and messaging, initially installed two months ago, are already proving their worthiness.

This is Coastal Demo’s first experience with GPS tracking. Says Dianna, ”It’s fantastic. It is a very user-friendly program. It is accessible, user friendly, and very convenient. It helps us to be much more efficient with our scheduling and tracking for job costing.”

The second-generation family-owned business is located in Grover Beach, CA. Since 1977,the demolition company--the area’s oldest-- has offered quality services for all its general contractors’ demolition needs—from concrete cutting to demolition services.

Dianna says the units work well with the company’s scheduling program. ”That is what I utilize in tandem with the Navman system, so it is like a split screen operation. I have Navman “up” as well as my DSM scheduling program.”

At this relatively early stage she has not as yet taken advantage of the many other Navman features, such as messaging to the company’s crews through the system, “but I can track them at all times on Navman. It helps me considerably in planning, working with my other DSM program where they are, whether or not they are still on a specific job, or how soon they are going to be on that job.”

Coastal’s geographic area is California’s Central Coast, including Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties “and anywhere our general contractor clients are” she said, including those hard to communications-challenged areas where reception is poor. No problem with Navman.





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