Excel Air Improves Bottom Line

That hissing sound that Excel Air Corporation’s Howard Moxley was hearing was coming from a faulty driver-tracking system that left less-then-conscientious employees the opportunity to take some unauthorized time off.


Then Howard installed a Navman GPS tracking system in five of the company vehicles--- and the leaks stopped. Founded in 1999, Excel Air Corporation is an Escondido-based HVAC contractor providing repair and maintenance services, including AC and heating systems installation throughout North County.


“Navman identified a bunch of holes in our system—things like guys driving around and taking longer lunches, leaving jobsites earlier than they should, things like that. Less than a month after their installation, the Navman units saved the company a minimum of 20 labor hours. It’s a phenomenal tool.”


The GPS solution has provided the real time information to prove that an individual driver really clocked out at 1 pm when he said he clocked out at 4. The old “we were there” line doesn’t work anymore, making for a more efficient service operation.


“The biggest problem we had was tracking drivers. In the 11 years we’ve been in business, we had no tracking system; we just didn’t know where they were. With Navman I can practically see them driving the company vehicles,” Howard reports.


“Another great Navman feature is its Bluetooth capabilities. Not only do we have a GPS tracking system so we know where our vehicles are at any time, but also the guys can use the Bluetooth device on the system for their cell phones. It’s compatible with all the multiple types of cell phones out there, that’s a nice benefit as well.


From an owner and manager’s view, the Navman product’s Apple application for I-phones makes it possible for Howard to “view where everybody is at anytime of day and in real time” right from home. “The price point was too good to pass up for what we were getting,” he says.

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