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Navman GPS Technology Helps Express-Rooter

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Express-Rooter is a family-owned and operated company with over 20 years in the plumbing trade, Headquartered in the Santa Barbara area, the company serves the surrounding region, including the communities of Goleta, Montecito, and Carpinteria.


The company recently installed its first-ever GPS system—the Navman GPS messaging and navigation unit package-- in four of its vehicles, and the benefits have been dramatic. Says Express-Rooter’s Burt Short, “For scheduling purposes you can easily track your guys to see where they are. That’s a big help to us, especially since we never had a GPS system before Navman.


“Here in Santa Barbara the furthest part you are away from each vehicle will be maximum 30 miles. Still that is a lot of area to cover. With Navman, I’m in a position to see where each of my four vehicles are, whether the crew is still on the job or wrapping it up. And if they have, for example, another 15 or 20 minutes to finish, I can call my next customer to tell them what’s up,” Burt says. He adds that the system’s messaging feature allows the company to send its crews specific route information.


“Instant messaging is exactly what the term implies, Burt reports. “I can shoot my crews a message at any time to get a heads up on where they are. This feature helps us insure fair and accurate billing. For example, “We were doing a job where I had some questions on billing information. We didn’t have it written down anywhere, so we went into the Navman system and were able to pull up the information that was input a week ago.

The system also makes it possible for Express-Rooter to track with accuracy how many hours its technicians were on a specific job .To us tracking our vehicles is important. I have to know where everybody is.


He says, “At first my guys didn’t like it. It was something new. But when I pointed out to my most doubting Thomas of the change that all you have to do is push ‘go’ and it will send you the pertinent information needed—and he saw it for himself--=he became a believer. Last week, when I called him to say I had a service call for him to make in his general area and asked him call me back for the details, his response was ‘Just send it over to my truck to the Navman.”


The Navman system also gives Burt the luxury of spending more time on the phone with a customer and less time—or practically no time—on the phone with his guys who otherwise would be calling in for directions or for their next assignment. “That is a huge benefit for me. Less phone time. And it also saves me the time I used to spend in hand writing everything for them. The customer’s name and all the info is right there for them on the screen.


Burt Short has been a plumber for 30 years and has owned Express-Rooter with his wife for the past16. “The Navman system has certainly made our lives easier,” he says.





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