H&P Mobile Geochemistry Navigates Nicely Using Navman GPS Technology


Specializing in an exclusive environmental niche of vapor intrusion services with environmental mobile laboratories, fixed laboratory services, and direct push sampling, Carlsbad, CA-based H&P Mobile Geochemistry Inc. operates both as a field service company and as a full service fixed base laboratory for soil vapor, sub-slab, and air sampling to clients across the nation.

 Additionally, the company, which traces its history/ time line to1988, makes use of its laboratories to perform analysis of soil and water samples for organic compounds. H&P holds both local and national certifications for all EPA methods conducted at our facility and in the mobile laboratories. The company also provides added vapor intrusion services to its clients.

 Louise Adams, who joined H&P as Operations Manager in 2000 and has served as H& P president since 2008, reports that her company recently installed Navman units with navigation and messaging features on 14 of its fleet of mobile units. In that short time the units have already established an excellent performance record.

 Reports Ms Adams, “The feature we appreciate the most about the system is its navigation feature. We have mobile lab chemists as well as drilling rigs for drilling support vehicles. On typical days we have vehicles going to new sites, all over Southern California, every day. That makes the navigational system feature a very important consideration.

“ Also, another Navman feature that has been huge for us is tracking our fleet maintenance. Up until the time we installed the Navman system, we had no way in the past to track vehicle maintenance in our fleet. Now we make good use of it to give us notice—via instant emails—such items as when the vehicles’ brakes have to be checked, when the oil has to be changed, or to tell us if something else crops up during a routine maintenance that needs to be watched and followed up. So now all our supervisors are actually using it for maintenance and repairs.”

 Admittedly Ms. Adams says other Navman navigational and messaging features are not being taken advantage of, precisely because the nature of H&P’s business. “Al (Trevisan, A&D Technology, who sold H&P on Navman) told us the system would cut down on gasoline usage. But, unfortunately, the only way our drill rigs operate daily is on gasoline—and the same is true with our mobile labs with generators on board. However, another feature is that we can track our crews to follow the route are traveling to and from a site, see that they get to their sites on time, and –in some cases once the rigs are on site—actually helping locate our drilling rigs for clients. Some of the sites we service are so huge, that we will get a call from a client reporting: ‘I don’t see your drill rig’, we can look at it on the screen and pinpoint –in real time--where on their property the rig is located.”

“In summary, we are very happy with the 14 units. Each is working well for us,” Ms Adams says.



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