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In the mountainous areas of West Virginia Nitro, W. VA- based Brand Source dealer Jeff’s Appliance experienced a daily challenge of staying in touch with its vehicle fleet. Says Jeff’s Appliance veteran service manager Dale Lytton, a previous tracking system just didn’t work out.

 He said the old system’s reports were incomplete and vague, and gave an example of its less-than-user-friendliness  “On one occasion, a technician left our Nitro headquarters heading toward Charleston. Because of the mountains, the technician just dropped out of site—maybe because of the satellite deployment of the old system. We couldn’t find him for an hour or more. Meanwhile, we got a call for a pick up in south Charleston-only 10 miles from us. By the time we could communicate with our ‘lost’ technician, he was miles down the road from the pick up location and had to double back. A waste of time—and fuel.”


Jeff’s Appliance dropped the older and inefficient tracking system five months ago and installed the Navman GPS unit in five of its vehicle fleet. “We are glad we made the switch,” Dale Lytton says, adding, “ We have found that there are now very few areas where our new GPS system doesn’t pick up.”

 In addition, Dale says, “What our new system allows us to do is track our technicians much more closely. I’m not saying that from a disciplinary standpoint—even though that would probably be a good thing—but from a productivitystandpoint. Here in West Virginia you can run a call and look at a map and get the idea that it’s only two-inches on the map. But that might be a good 65 miles to the closest road that takes you where you want to go. The Navman GPS system clarifies that for us.”


Another important feature: With the fleet of Jeff’s Appliance trucks on the road and a call coming in for another order,“ We can now easily spot where our nearest technician is and send him to that area. That has been a tremendous help to us,” Dale reports, adding that the ability to monitor our work force 24/7 in a positive way is the biggest benefit we have seen to date.”


“Replay The Day”


Although fortunate that the following negative situation has not yet occurred, Dale says that Navman’s “Replay the Day” feature has a great potential to it. “Let’s say we had a call from someone really hot under the collar. ‘Hey—one of your trucks almost ran me off the road today!’ the caller reports. With our new system we can go back, pull the day up as needed and be able to report where all our trucks were that day.” That’s a good feature.


The new system is still fairly new and, as Dale says, “We are still in a bit of a learning curve. It has been a tremendous help to us.” Dale also had words of praise for Navman’s representative, Al Trevisan of A&D Technology. “ Any time I call Al with a minor problem, he says, ‘Dale, we will work it out. Tell me what it is.’ And he does work it out He is very accessible.”


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