Pro Pacific Pest Control Increases Efficiency and Profits

With GPS Tracking System On Its 25 Vehicle Fleet


 Within a few weeks of installing a high-tech tracking system in 18 of its service vehicles, Escondido-based Pro Pacific Pest Control was so pleased with the results that it ordered five more units for five new additions to its fleet.

 “We have been very happy with the Navman GPS system’s results,” reports Tim Guerrero, Pro Pacific Pest Control fleet manager. “The tracking system adds to our efficiency of operation by giving us the ability to faithfully track the location and operation of every one of our service vehicles.”

Tim reports that Pro Pacific Pest Control was looking for a reliable vehicle tracking system--one that could be installed with a minimum of inconvenience to the company’s daily operation. (Al (Navman representative Al Trevisan, of A&D Technology, Inc.) got our vehicles equipped with the tracking system very quickly, working around our busy schedule,” Tim reports.

 He adds: “We have used the GPS system to our advantage every day. Our customers tend to want immediate service. They call reporting a swarm of bees, or a nest of rodents under the porch, and they want help now. For us to be able to track each of our vehicles and to find the technician closest to our client’s problem is a huge bonus for us. The tracking system eliminates the need to make phone calls, a time-consuming process.”

Tim says that the tracking system “assures us where our technicians are at any given time of the work day.”

 He also says that engine idling, a huge expense especially in these days of soaring gas prices, is easy to track and control with the new Navman tracking system

“With gas prices heading through the stratosphere, idle time is a real concern,” Tim says. “I filled up one of our larger trucks yesterday and spent $100—and this was for less than a full tank,” Tim says.

 “We are definitely able to handle more jobs on a daily basis than ever before,” Tim reports, a significant statement, especially for a company who will be observing its 15th anniversary next year. Pro Pacific Pest Control’s service area extends north to East Los Angeles, and includes southern San Bernardino County, Riverside, and Orange Counties, and also San Diego, south to the border. It covers this territory with a team of 40 professionals, and a fleet of 25 service vehicles—all equipped with state-of-the art GPS tracking systems.


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