M-Nav 800

Business-grade navigation

Off-the-shelf consumer products simply cannot provide the robust features that a complex business requires. You're dealing with multiple drivers, demanding customers and shrinking budgets – not directions to the vacation house.

The M-Nav 800 by Navman Wireless is an in-cab terminal that facilitates not only fleet tracking, but also two-way messaging and business navigation. Used in combination with the award-winning OnlineAVL2, M-Nav 800 connects you with the Fleet Mobile Asset Intelligence you need to boost your bottom line.

  • Navigation for Business – Dispatchers can push out turn-by-turn directions and job details to vehicles. In addition, the M-Nav 800 identifies the closest, best-equipped vehicle for the task at hand.
  • Increased Driver Safety – M-Nav 800 Bluetooth capabilities, QuickSpell keyboard and One Touch Favorites reduce driver distraction from mobile phones and maps, and provides hands-free directions.
  • Streamline Data Capture – Electronically replicate the paper documents used in the field.
  • Increased Efficiencies – Notify drivers about traffic issues, receive delivery confirmations and move drivers on to their next jobs without lag time.

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