Online AVL2


Navman AVL2 Fleet Management From Your Desktop

Manage your fleet from your desktop

The core of your fleet management solution

How would your operation be different if you had complete access to every aspect of your fleet - in real time and on one screen? And what if you could add real meaning to that data and use it to improve your business?

OnlineAVL2 is the brain behind all of Navman Wireless' tracking, two-way messaging and navigation products. This robust proprietary tool allows you to dissect data and analyze trends to reveal Remote Asset Intelligence.

  • Instant Information - Track vehicles and equipment in real time, confirm deliveries and maximize operator productivity
  • Alerts - Set up customized real-time notifications for events such as geofence entry/exit, excessive speeding and idling time
  • Comprehensive Reporting - Slice and dice information in a multitude of ways, from in-depth reports to executive summaries
  • Cost Savings - Expose inefficiencies from fuel waste, inappropriate use and unnecessary payroll hours

Key Features of the OnLine AVL

  • Comprehensive reporting suite
  • Fast access to clear and concise high quality color maps
  • Zoom map to view from country level down to street level
  • Message one, some or all the vehicles from the desktop
  • Select a street and route the vehicles to the destination
  • Search nearest vehicle to a location
  • Draw boundary lines around locations and report on site visits and crossings
  • Receive desktop alerts on boundary crossing and certain vehicle activities
  • Plus much more…

Get a real view of how OnlineAVL2 can completely transform your business. To set up a demo, call (888) 628-6261.

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