Qtanium 100

Qtanium 100 - Self-Powered Asset Tracking

Track and monitor your unpowered equipment and trailers.

The Qtanium 100 is a self-powered asset tracker designed for unpowered assets and trailers.

The Qtanium 100 is compatible with our OnlineAVL2 software and tracked assets appear alongside other Qube and Qtanium 350 tracked vehicles. The Qtanium 100 provides simple, reliable management of a variety of assets including trailers, containers, construction & mining equipment. It can be used on- or off-highway and is suitable for applications where no power is available and where the asset may be unattended for long periods. It is fully self contained, so installation is easy and it can be bolt or magnet mounted.

  • Location Updates — Sends positional updates periodically to OnlineAVL2.
  • Up to 7 Years' Battery Life — with one update per day.
  • Update Frequency can be configured for increased reporting — 3 years' battery life for an update every 4 hours and 18 months battery life for every 2 hours.
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