cube onboard satellite tracking device

Monitor what you can't see with our vehicle-mounted satellite-tracking device

Track all your assets with complete confidence

You can't fix what you can't detect. Go beyond simple fleet tracking and start truly analyzing inefficiencies in your operation.

The Qube by Navman Wireless is a dependable onboard device that discreetly tracks each vehicle in your fleet. However, when combined with our proprietary software solution OnlineAVL2, you have a powerful analytical tool that generates the Fleet and Mobile Asset Intelligence you need to make meaningful business changes.

  • Completely Reliable - Not only does the Qube have one of the lowest error rates in the industry, it's also tamper-proof and features a back-up battery and built-in motion sensor.
  • Robust Data Collection - Track location, speed, fuel usage, delivery times and many other data points.
  • Solo or Integrated Use - Employ the Qube alone as a tracking tool, or add Navman Wireless two-way messaging and navigation products for a complete fleet-management solution.

Discover how integral the Qube is in your dynamic fleet-management solution. Set up your free demo today by calling (888) 628-6261

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