Sensors can collect speed mileage engine status and much more

Capture every last detail

Speed, mileage and engine hours are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Fleet and Mobile Asset Intelligence you can get from a Navman Wireless fleet-tracking solution. With on-board sensors, you can track any activity that creates an electrical signal - from doors opening and closing to changing temperatures to lights switching on and off.

This information gives you even more insight into the performance of your assets, allowing you to both decrease unnecessary wear and tear as well as ensure accuracy in usage-based invoicing.

Navman Wireless gives you extra control over your fleet with Sensors:

  • Protect your equipment - Detect and prevent inappropriate use
  • Understand true usage of assets - Record granular equipment data such as lights, doors, articulated arm activity and more
  • Increase visibility - Set up and receive real-time alerts about activity via email

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