Tech A.I.R. Case Study

Tech A.I.R.

HVAC contractor saves more than $100K a year with Navman Wireless fleet-management solutions

Tech A.I.R. is a leading HVAC contractor serving residential and commercial customers throughout southeast Florida. With a fleet of 10 service and 16 construction vehicles and little transparency, the company’s fuel and maintenance costs were spiraling out of control. In fact fuel costs hovered around $15,000 per month, and repairs were costing Tech

A.I.R $62,000 annually.

Complete tracking helps slash fuel costs

Today, Tech A.I.R. has cut fuel costs by more than half. By taking complete advantage of real-time data from onboard devices and robust reports generated by our award-winning software suite, the company can verify every minute of a vehicle’s day. No more waste from personal use or inefficient routing.

Fuel Savings$269 per vehicle per monthRepair Savings$77 per vehicle per monthAverage Monthly Savings$290 per vehicleTotal Monthly Savings$7,540Total Yearly Savings$107,952

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